Life in brick field

Every third citizen of India is a migrant. Among them are the people, including children, who come from Jharkhand and Bihar, Odissa to work in West Bengal’s brick fields. These families are forced to migrate for earning due to a lack of jobs. With the
breakdown of extended family networks, children have to accompany their parents more often. In the brick kiln market, brokers adjust the demand and supply of labour. Continue reading “Life in brick field”

Parched Marathawada

It’s been four years since monsoon didn’t take place in western Maharashtra properly. Shifting rainfall is the biggest causes that made the entire province get parched. Most affected areas are Latur, Sholapur, Beed, Govindpura, Bhatkheda, Nageshwari, Osmanabad, Sonchin chuli. The vagaries of nature have already taken their toll. The farmers in the hinterland have no way out, the common man clings to a collapsing infrastructure in the cramped city. Water wagons sent from Kota, Rajasthan have done little. But that is really not enough for the common people. Farmers have committed suicide Continue reading “Parched Marathawada”


Kolkata, West bengal, India :: A slum, near Dum Dum park, kolkata, a massive fire has broken out  on saturday evening. Total area got charred, more than 350 people have to spend the night homeless braving the December chill.  The main reason was the leaking of liquified petroleum gas from 14 cylinders that blew up in the fire. Fortunately, maximum people of the slum were outside the premises during the moment but unfortunately two elderly couple got charred in the accident. The condition was so bad that a bit of their body was hard to rescue. Within half and hour fire more than nine fire tenders were sent to the spot to battle the big blaze. Continue reading “Incineration”

Nepal aftermath’15

The tremor, 7.5 in richter scale shook the lap of Himalaya on 25th april which results Nepal hardly to keep their memories. Unfortunately the second tremor,7.2 in richter scale rushed again within   24 hour and smashed down the residue of the last day’s belongings they left behind that could keep their memories alive.

Out of nowhere 12th May,2015 shook off  third time and alarming death tolls exceeds the limit with the tremor of 7.8 in richter scale. Continue reading “Nepal aftermath’15”

Battle of Sex

Indian railways,specially the local train that connects the urban region with the city,  plays a very much important role in our daily life, mostly for the common people. Day by day the over growing population is the evidence of this account. During rush hour the common people faces a mass gathering that is really intolerable especially for the woman, but people get used to of it. To get rid off this suffocating as well as hectic journey, few years ago the present chief minister of west bengal introduced a ladies special train,namely “Matribhoomi local” for the women passengers only in each and every railway divison of west bengal that is Howrah divison, Sealdah-south, Sealdah main and Sealdah- bangaon division. Continue reading “Battle of Sex”