No where to call home

Rohingyas are a Muslim minority in Myanmar regarded by many Myanmar buddhist as illegal migrants from Bangladesh. The Rohingyas have lived in Myanmar for generations and Bangladesh government has called for Myanmar to take back the refugees. They are denied citizenship in Myanmar and have been described as the world’s most persecuted minority.Rohingyas are prosecuted in Myanmar by security forces and extremist buddhist. Myanmar has denied prosecuting the Rohingyas. Since the 1970’s Rohingya refugees have been settling in Bangladesh, with an estimated 300,000 to 500,000 refugees in Bangladesh as of 2017. The sectarian violence took place in late 2016  again that forced Rohingya community to escape for sake of life from Rakhaine state of Myanmar. Most of the refugees are located along the Teknaf-Cox’s bazaar highway that is parallel to Naf river which is the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar. Most of the refugees are located in or near Cox’s bazar, a coastal area dependent upon tourism.

Though Myanmar government denied any ethnic cleansing and human rights violence against Rohingya muslim community of Rakhaine state. The tragedy is Rohingyas who are trapped in border area of Rakhaine state are subjected to terrific military crack downs. So many are tortured, arrested randomly and missing numbers are uncountable and who arrived in Teknaf, Bangladesh luck by chance,   are unable to get any shelter in refugee camp as Bangladesh government ceased the border due to incursion of refugees which is an arising problem in Bangladesh.

Teknaf, Bangladesh : Nafisa bibi, a Rohingya refugee who lost her family except her two grand daughter, in Leda camp, the slum for the unregistered and newly coming refugee from Rakhine state of Mayanmar where sectarian violence on minority Muslims community take place vigorously.


Teknaf, Bangladesh : A Rohingya lady who was raped by militant group at Rakhine state of Mayanmar, in unregistered Leda camp of Teknaf, Bangladesh, showing the photo of his dead husband who was shot ddead in border area with a bullet.


Teknaf, Chittagong, bangladesh : Just newly arrived rohignya refugee who could not enter any refugee camp, as a result they had to chosen nearby forest of camps to be sheltered.


Teknaf, Bangladesh : Moniul Alam, fifty six years old tubuculosis patient in Kutupalong, the registered camp for refugees . During the sectarian violence in Rakhine state of Mayanmar, he could escape the place along with his son and grand  daughter only.



Teknaf, Chittagong, Bangladesh : Inside the camp of Rohingya refugees.


Teknaf, Chittagong, Bangladesh : NAFISA, a humiliated rohingya refugee lady in unregistered camp of Teknaf, Bangladesh. As per NAFISA’s note the trauma of sectarian violence haunts her everday. she reached Bangladesh in September 2016.


Teknaf, Chittagong, Bangladesh : Inside the unregistered camp, Leda. These children have loss their father whn they were crossing the Naf river during the sectarian violence which took place in rakhine state of Myanmar on late 2016.


Teknaf, Chittagong, Bangladesh : A lady who is a rohignya refugee, inside her shanty of unregistered refugee camp as presently they lost the opportunity to be a registered citizen of Bangladesh.


Teknaf, Bangladesh : Fatima khatun who lost her two sister during the sectarian violence in Rakhine state of Mayanmar, is living with her father and brother in Leda camp, the unregistered slum for Rohingya refugee. Fatima arrived in Leda on October 2016. She takes care about her brother’s daughter while they go to outside for seeking work.


Teknaf, Bangladesh : Johora, a fourteen year old refugee girl whoes left leg got injuried with a bullet while escaping from Rakhine Mayanmar during the sectarian violence, is living in Leda camp.


Teknaf, Bangladesh : Backyard of Kutupalong camp, established for registered Rohingya refugees.


Caption : Teknaf, Chittagong, Bangladesh : Rohingya refugee in registered camp, Kutupalong, building their home.


Teknaf, Chittagong, Bangladesh : A young rohingya refugee boy possess for a photograph under their makeshift in Kutupalong.


Caption : Teknaf, Chittagong, Bangladesh : Outside of the Leda, unregistered camp of rohingya refugees.